Doing something good for your community ?
Get rewarded for it.

Firefly Initiative rewards, recognises and measures the social impact

that volunteers make towards their communities.

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How It Works

Claim Volunteering Rewards in just Simple Steps !

Open up a Firefly Rewards Wallet by signing up. Fill out your volunteering profile and begin logging your volunteering time
Choose to log time on behalf of an existing community organisation you're involved with, or view volunteer opportunities with FireFly's partnered organisations.
Every validated hour earns you one Firefly Time Token. Redeem FTT for local goods & services (eg: Movie Tix, Retail Vouchers) or save them up for bigger rewards!

Join the World's first
blockchain Volunteering Rewards Platform

Communities Enabling Communities

From grassroots clubs to employers large and small, Volunteerism touches all areas of the community. FireFly
Initiative helps all community stakeholders support a thriving volunteering ecosystem and drive tangible, and
measurable social impact.

Community Organisations
Discover a new mechanism for fundraising and attracting a new generation of skilled volunteers.
Small Business
Sponsor local community initiatives that inspire patronage and improve your promotional ROI.
Corporations & Local Government
Crush your ESG targets by investing in initiative that are hyper local, and their impact more accurately measured.

Acknowledging Volunteers

  • We believe that volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities. Through Firefly Initiative, we hope to better empower volunteers and volunteer organisations to make a measurable difference, and be rewarded for along the way.

Our Mission

  • Sponsor 7,500 volunteer organisations and more than 50,000 volunteers.
  • Create over $25 MILLION in direct social impact for Local Communities.
  • Accelerate the community connections and professional skills of more than 1,200 future leaders
  • Capture, record and validate more than 1 MILLION Volunteering Hours.
  • Engage over 25,000 businesses in support of local grassroots volunteer communities.

Want more out of Volunteering?

You deserve to be recognise for your contributions & start claiming your rewards.

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